Blog | Monday, October 24, 2011

Make that three.

Moderators at the primary care "hot topics" forum let the audience select the topics of discussion. And what did they go off on first? Yup, again, it was the work ethic of my generation. "How do you get their productivity up to the same level as older doctors?" and "Where is this mindset of the younger generation coming from?" attendees asked. One offered a solution to these crazy young docs who want to leave work at 5: "Choose a different profession!" Um, folks, I get that you're frustrated, but that's not gonna help with the primary care shortage.

The group did discuss solutions to the shortage, and there seemed to be a general consensus that midlevels are the most promising one, although some attendees have found that older patients (there's that generation gap again) were reluctant to see NPs instead of MDs.

Naturally, since these are the money folks, the conversation eventually moved along to how to make money off primary care. Ancillaries, the managers said-- DEXA scans, skin clinics and physical therapy.

And the money shortage is likely only to get worse, since the consensus in the group was that some kind of Medicare cut is coming, although a show of hands and some discussion indicated that managers expect a reduction under 15% rather than the 20+% that's currently set to take effect.

Then we all went to the Strip to drink away our sorrows. (And for those tracking the Gen X work ethic, that was after 5 pm!)