Blog | Friday, November 11, 2011

New, new guidelines

Last year at the American Society of Nephrology meeting (Renal Week then, now Kidney Week), I went to a session on KDIGO guidelines about acute kidney injury. I wasn't sure I had caught all the details, so I decided to wait and report on it after the final guidelines were released. Since we're still waiting for those guidelines to come out, I'm not making that mistake again. Here's the scoop on the guidelines for managing blood pressure in patients with kidney diseases.

In patients without albuminuria, the target should be 140/90 or below. "Some might think that's high," noted committee member Gavin J. Becker, MD. The target for patients with albuminuria and those who've had kidney transplants is 130/80. The guideline re-writers didn't deal with patients who are on dialysis, and mentioned a few controversial issues that they weren't ready to take a stand on, including whether ambulatory monitoring is appropriate for clinical blood pressure management and whether elderly patients should have different targets.

So now when the guidelines come out in March (or whenever), you'll already know all about them. As for those long-lost AKI guidelines, they're promised for January now.