Blog | Monday, February 6, 2012

If exercise is the medicine, 30 minutes a day is the dose

Imagine a medicine so potent it could reduce both the absolute risk of death and treat a number of different chronic conditions with tremendous success. You'd probably want some, right?

I came across one such medicine in this video from preventive health expert (and family doctor) Mike Evans of Toronto.

I'd seen it in some "Best of 2011" health roundups. At that point, it had a couple hundred thousand views. It's shot up to over 1.5 million (and climbing) at this point.

It's doubly captivating: the animation is simple, clean, and superb. The information is deep, but the message is startlingly clear, and laid out in the fashion of an argument with irrefutable logic.

The video is only nine minutes, and well worth it. It makes you think, and makes doing the right thing sound simpler and thus more possible for all of us.

This post by John H. Schumann, FACP, originally appeared at GlassHospital. Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to bring transparency to medical practice and to improve the patient experience.