Blog | Friday, March 30, 2012

Ten pillars of medicine

I've been debating with myself how to break the actual practice of medicine into its essential parts. These, I think, are the basics of what we do every day in the hospital:

I. Care for the ill. Reassure the worried.
II. Know when to start.
III. Know when to stop.
IV. Fluids.
V. Diuretics.
VI. Judicious use of antibiotics.
VII. Appropriate use of steroids and immunosuppression.
VIII. Use the best available evidence and know where to find it.
IX. Use common sense and the 10 equations of physiology for the rest.
X. Listen to the skepticism in your soul but adulterate with a tincture of a hope.

Justin Penn, MD, ACP Associate Member, attended medical school at the University of Washington School of Medicine and trained in internal medicine at the University of Rochester, where he is serving as Chief Resident. This post originally appeared at his blog, Musings of an Internist.