Blog | Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sermo launches flu tracker

Sermo, the online social network for physicians, has launched its own flu tracking system that it says improves on those offered by the CDC, Google and Harvard Medical. Whereas other sites aggregate content from online searches and lab result reports, Sermo says its tracker is based on input from actual physicians and updated in real-time. After logging in, physicians can exchange geographically based clinical observations instantly.

According to Sermo, the site's analysis of each flu outbreak is based on:
Patient breakdown for vaccinated vs. not vaccinated
Age distribution - which age is most affected
Symptom breakdown - which symptoms are presenting more than others
Voracity of outbreak - how many per day/week/month, etc.

Physician members of Sermo (registration is free for MDs and DOs) can link directly to the flu tracker after signing in.