Blog | Wednesday, March 3, 2010

QD: News Every Day--Medicare cuts delayed by 30 days

Medicare reimbursement cuts have been delayed for 30 days. (Nowhere else in our country's economy would someone's paycheck be bandied about like this.) The same legislation, actually a jobs bills, also extended the time that the federal government will pick up some of the tab for COBRA health insurance. (Health Leaders Media, Los Angeles Times)

As mentioned in yesterday's edition, the president plans to siphon off some Republicans by incorporating a few of their ideas. He might need them to counter Democrats who opposed health care reform legislation, but Republican leadership scoffed at the idea of breakaways. (ACP Internist, Washington Post, Politico)

H1N1 influenza
H1N1 influenza took an unexpected course in its timing and severity. Novel pandemics are different than seasonal flu outbreaks, explains those who tracked its course. And seasonal flu was mild this year, too. (Wall Street Journal, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

In case you missed it ...
W.G. Watson, MD, is a 100-year-old practicing obstetrician. One baby he delivered grew up to become his practice's partner, as a matter of fact. (CNN)