Blog | Thursday, July 19, 2012

QD: News Every Day--55% of office doctors now use EHRs

More than half of office-based physicians use electronic health records, and 2012 could see an increase of half as much again, CDC researchers reported.

In 2011, 55% of physicians in office-based practices had adopted EHRs, and about one half of those who didn't have a system in place reported either already having purchased a system or planning to adopt one within the year.

Researchers reported their findings in a data brief at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Among the key findings:
--About three-quarters of physicians who have adopted an EHR system reported that their system meets federal meaningful use criteria;
--85% of physicians who have adopted an EHR system reported being somewhat (47%) or very (38%) satisfied with their system.
--About three-quarters of adopters reported that using their EHR system enhanced patient care.

Solo practitioner adoption was 29%, dual-practitioner adoption was 60%, three-to-10 practitioner practices was 62%, and 11 or more practitioners was 86%.

Only half of physician-owned practices were adopters, whereas virtually all physicians in health maintenance organizations, three-quarters of physicians in community health centers and seven out of 10 physicians in academic health centers had adopted EHR systems

In case you missed it ...
NPR reports on the last people to rely on pagers for communication, namely, hospital doctors.

90% of hospitals still use the low-tech devices. While hospitals are experimenting with streamlining pages into smartphones, the merger may not happen for a decade or longer, according to the news broadcast.

Pagers are simple. There's no data security issues, batteries are simple to replace, and they are cheap. Yes, there's an app for that, but there's security risks to the data on the smartphone, their battery life and recharging cycle risks missing important pages, and one hospital in the report spent tens of thousands of dollars to test an app on 16 smartphones.