Blog | Thursday, August 30, 2012

QD: News Every Day--Palliative care increasing in larger hospitals, in the Northeast

The number of hospitals with more than 50 beds that has a palliative care team increased from 658 (24.5%) to 1,635 (65.7%), a 148.5% increase from 2000-2010, part of a steady increase for 11 straight years, according to an analysis by the Center to Advance Palliative Care.

Other key findings include:
--87.9% of hospitals with 300 or more beds have a team compared to 56.5% of hospitals with 50-299 beds.
--The Northeast has the greatest growth and the highest prevalence. (75.8% of hospitals in 2012 compared to 73% in 2011.)
--The South shows some growth, but still has the lowest prevalence. (52.7% of hospitals in 2012 compared to 51% in 2011.)

"Palliative care teams are transforming the care of serious illness in this country because they address a fragmented health care system and put control and choice back in the hands of the patient and family," said Diane E. Meier, MD, FACP, director of the non-profit Center, said in a press release. "Hospitals today recognize that palliative care is the key to delivering better quality and better coordinated care to our sickest and most vulnerable patients."