Blog | Monday, September 10, 2012

QD: News Every Day--Internists adopting EHRs this year and likely next

Internists are second only to cardiologists in adopting electronic health records (EHR), a survey found.

Cardiologists were far more likely than any other specialty to have adopted an EHR that meets meaningful use standards, at 69%, compared to 42% of all doctors, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 2011 Physician Workflow Study.Also in the study, 55% of physicians in office-based practices had adopted EHRs and 45% had not.

Generally, physicians under age 50 were more likely to adopt EHR systems than physicians aged 50 and over. Compared with solo practitioners, where fewer than one-third of physicians adopted EHR systems, those in practices of two to 10 doctors were twice as likely, and those in practices with 11 or more physicians were nearly three times as likely, to use EHRs.

One-half of those in physician-owned practices were adopters, whereas physicians employed by community health centers, academic health centers, and HMOs were more likely to have adopted an EHR system.

The vast majority of physicians who use EHR systems (85%) reported being somewhat satisfied (47%) or very satisfied (38%) with their system. A majority would purchase their EHR system again (71%). Among EHR adopters, 74% believe that using their system enhanced overall patient care.

Among nonadopters, about one-half reported either already having purchased a system or planning to adopt a system within 12 months.