Blog | Thursday, December 6, 2012

QD: News Every Day--Flu vaccination improves for health care workers

Flu vaccination coverage among health care providers improved to about two-thirds coverage but remains below the national target of 90%, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Two main barriers for vaccinating more health care workers remains include not wanting it and believing that it's ineffective.

In 2008, health care provider vaccination coverage was 49%, which rose from 58-63% for 2009-10, 56-64% for 2010-11 and 62-67% for 2011-12.

Early-season flu vaccination among health care provider this year was similar to coverage by mid-season 2011-12, 62.9% vs. 63.4%, the CDC reported.

Flu vaccination was highest among pharmacists (88.7%), physicians (83.8%), nurses (81.5%), nurse practitioners/physician assistants (73.3%), and other clinical professionals (76.7%). It was lowest among assistants or aides (43.4%) and administrative/non-clinical support staff (54.5%).

Flu vaccination coverage was highest among those working in hospitals (83.4%) and lowest among those working in long-term care facilities (48.7%).