Blog | Tuesday, October 15, 2013

QD: News Every Day--Flushing, persistent redness may be earliest common rosacea symptoms

Flushing and persistent redness may be the most common early signs of rosacea, a patient survey reported.

Among more than 1,000 rosacea patients, 31% said that flushing was the first symptom they experienced, and 63% said it was the second. Meanwhile, 24% reported that persistent redness was their first sign of rosacea, while it was named second by 34% and third by 39%.

The National Rosacea Society announced its survey results in a press release.

While nearly 43% of the survey respondents said more than a year elapsed between the time they experienced their first rosacea symptom and their most recent, for most this happened more quickly. 38% said the interval was only a few months and 20% said it was about a year.

Beyond flushing and redness, other signs and symptoms were: bumps (third, 30%, or fourth, 24%), pimples (third, 28%, or fourth, 20%), visible blood vessels (third, 17%, or fourth, 28%), burning or stinging (third, 14%, or fourth, 26%), dry appearance (fourth, 18%, or fifth, 21%), raised red patches (fourth, 16%, or fifth, 14%) and swelling (fifth, 15%, sixth, 12%, or seventh, 13%).

Although eye irritation was rarely the first sign of rosacea, it was reported as second by 14% and as third by 10%, fourth by 19% and fifth by 19% of the patients.

Survey respondents tended to be well into adulthood before the first sign of rosacea appeared. 25% said they were in their 30s, 22% were in their 40s and 25% reported they were over 50. 17% were in their 20s and 11% were under 20, according to the press release.