Blog | Friday, February 28, 2014

QD: News Every Day--2 possible resistant strep B cases found

A profile may be emerging to vancomycin-resistant strep B cases, researchers reported.

Two cases of invasive group B streptococcus infection with decreased vancomycin susceptibility in New York and New Mexico, without an epidemiologic link.

Researchers reported the cases in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Local and state health authorities identified isolates as vancomycin-nonsusceptible group B streptococci and sent to the CDC, where both strains were confirmed as capsular serotype II, multilocus sequence type 22S. agalactiae.

The strains differed in resistance patterns, and the lack of an epidemiologic link suggests independent resistance acquisitions, researchers wrote.

“These cases emphasize the importance of continued surveillance for resistant group B streptococcus,” the researchers wrote. “It may be important to establish vancomycin breakpoints for group B streptococcus and guidance for clinical laboratory testing. Clinicians and laboratories should be encouraged to report suspected vancomycin-resistant group B streptococcus to health authorities for confirmation, since this resistance profile may be emerging.”