Blog | Friday, March 14, 2014

QD: News Every Day--Primary care specialists least likely to choose career again, citing lifestyle

A poll showed that 74% of physicians are happy with their choice of specialty and would choose it all over again, except for primary care specialties such as internal medicine, the physician community website Sermo reported on its blog.

The least happy specialists who would choose their career specialty again were:
• OB/GYN, 59%
• internal medicine, 60%
• family medicine, 62%

The biggest reason for selecting a different specialty was lifestyle: 29% of OB/GYNs cited it, compared to 25% of internists and 23% of family practitioners.

The specialists who are most happy with their choices and would choose them again are:
• orthopedics, 87%
• oncology, 86%
• psychiatry, 86%