Blog | Thursday, August 28, 2014

We used to make stuff

I like maps and charts. This map, from the Wall Street Journal, left me gob smacked.

Remember when we used to make stuff? Like cars? Clothes? Machines?

Apparently, most of what we do now is health care. That’s good if you’re a doctor, nurse, hospital administrator, or researcher. Especially good if you’re a health insurance executive. I suppose it’s good if you’re a patient. [We’re all patients.]

I’m left with a lot of questions.

If the health care industry is the largest employer in most states, is it because of health care’s unstoppable growth or manufacturing’s seemingly irrevocable decline? Or both?

What about California? I thought the tech industry employs lots of people, even if most of them are white males.

What about Oklahoma? I thought oil and gas were my state’s biggest industry. Nope.

At least Michigan’s #1 employment sector is still manufacturing. And Nevada’s is still tourism. Some reputations remain.

This post by John H. Schumann, MD, FACP, originally appeared at GlassHospital. Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to bring transparency to medical practice and to improve the patient experience.