Blog | Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The week after Kidney Week

Kidney Week ended on Sunday, but these pearls about protecting the kidneys should still be valid for quite a while:

To avoid the risk of acute kidney injury (AKI) associated with fibrates, start at a low dose, and get serum creatinine levels to monitor any effects the drugs are having on the kidneys, said Amit Garg, MD, PhD.

On the same subject, it's reasonable to halt RAAS blockers before surgery in an effort to protect the kidneys (although there's some evidence that the drugs can lessen the severity of AKI if it happens), but don't forget to restart them later, said Rabi Yacoub, MD.

Finally, I'll quote Chi-yuan Hsu, MD, directly, because this was a great way to put it. "We should not be nihilistic about treating hypertension in dialysis patients," he said. Dr. Hsu noted that nephrologists often only measure their dialysis patients' blood pressures during dialysis visits, so it may fall to internists to accurately assess and adequately control the patients' hypertension.