Blog | Thursday, January 7, 2016

IDSA: What, me worry?

We witnessed another disastrous match for infectious diseases, nicely (and sadly) described by Dan here. I just went to the IDSA website to look for the official response of our professional society. Guess what? There is no response! I was, however, encouraged to find a tab on Workforce and Training. Here's what it contains:

Wow, look at those efforts to support a robust infectious diseases workforce! Obviously, this is a top priority given that the most recent statement is from 2013 and it doesn't even address the current problem. Alfred E. Neuman is clearly in charge at IDSA. In all seriousness, could a professional society be more disinterested in its own future?

Michael B. Edmond, MD, FACP, is a hospital epidemiologist in Iowa City, IA, with a focus on improving the quality and safety of health care, and sees patients in the inpatient and outpatient settings. This post originally appeared at the blog Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention.