Blog | Thursday, May 23, 2019

Podcasts for medical students on internal medicine

We received two third-year medical students starting their IM rotation. I told them I would give them a list of podcasts that should help them get oriented to internal medicine. This is my podcast v1.0 list:

From the Curbsiders:
142 Cirrhosis TIPS for Acute Complications
104: Renal tubular acidosis with Kidney Boy, Joel Topf MD
92: Pulmonary Embolism for the Internist
86: COPD: Diagnosis, treatment, PFTs, and nihilism
76: Pneumonia Pearls with Dr Robert Centor
61: Vasculitis and Giant-Cell Arteritis: ‘Rheum’ for improvement
52: Anemia: Tips, and tools for diagnosis and treatment
20: Hypertensive urgency and severe hypertension

From the Clinical Problem Solvers:
Abdominal Pain

From Core IM:
Stress Testing
Hepatic Encephalopathy

From Annals On Call:
C. Difficile
Diuretic Resistance

Each podcast above has many more excellent episodes. I picked these out on a first pass, quick suggestion for my new third-year students. Would appreciate suggestions for improving this list.

db is the nickname for Robert M. Centor, MD, MACP. db stands both for Dr. Bob and da boss. He is an academic general internist at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, and the former Regional Dean for the Huntsville Regional Medical Campus of UASOM. He still makes inpatient rounds regularly at the Birmingham VA and Huntsville Hospital. His current titles are Professor-Emeritus and Chair-Emeritus of the ACP Board of Regents. This post originally appeared at his blog, db's Medical Rants.